Author: Sapna Kanojia

Will this Rape Culture ever stop?

“CAUTION : ‘IT’S INDIA! we teach you that DON’T GET RAPED! Instead of DON’T RAPE!” India – a land of diverse religion, language, customs and traditions and mostly importantly an acreage of diverse ‘crimes’. Indian culture is the collective bunch of unique culture and religions and it won’t be adjudged as incorrect if I say that soon Rape Culture will totally be followed in the country. “India is my country, all indians are my brothers and sisters except 6-7 of them, where among 6 girls, one is my so called legal wife, one is my mother and rest of...

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Men abuse :Kyunki Mard ko bhi Dard hota hai

Who says that ‘KI MARD KO DARD NAHI HOTA’? We have often read or heard the news of a female got abused by a man. But have you ever rarely heard about Men abuse? Yes! It happens. If I overview the NCRB report every One male among six males have suffered from such misconduct. Misconceptions that the female is being exploited and harassed by the men are still prevailing in the society but there’s even a lot to think about this too. Initially, our mothers taught that Girls have to be safe, they should not fall prey to nay...

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“Travelling is like flirting with life, it brings power and loves back to our life. Live with no excuses, travel with no regrets! An adventurous journey throughout the world is everyone’s ‘Flight of fancy’. Once in an endurance, everyone has a dream to travel the world. But the questions which start meandering in one’s mind while thinking for a world tour are: How much it would cost? Whom to consult for a world tour? Which cities of the countries should be included in our planning list? And many more. It’s in almost everyone’s checklist to travel the whole globe...

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How to Differentiate whether it’s Infatuation or Love

“Something which is more powerful than gravitational force is your love, what’s that which is rapturously towards you attracting my soul!” Love is the purest and awesome feeling in the world but according to me, Love is the driving force which connotes to flirt with your own feelings and try to build your dream Castle of benevolence with the person whom you “love”. When you are in so-called “love” you often think that Mr/Ms. Perfect of your dream is just before you and you are ready for a ride to the journey called LOVE! And if ever before you...

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Skincare for teen

I’m preserving my teenage skin, are you? Huh! Teenage time is the most delicate one. Preserving your treasure called as ‘skin’ becomes a major challenge. Teenage girls are the prettiest individuals on earth. They are between the age of baby girls and mature women. Their skin is supposed to remain really healthy just like booming buds of a flower.” Teenage is a delicate stage of everyone’s life. As youngsters enter the teenage phase, they not only have crusade with their emotions and society’s view but also with skin complications. Pimples and acne are the major problems which are more...

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