Author: Ronak Jain

Graphology – Handwriting and Signature Analysis

The first impression one has when they hear this term, Graphology is that it might be associated with graphs or analysis of graphical and statistical data, well it does involve analysis like any other graph but here a Graphologist analyses handwriting and signatures of any individual instead of analysis numbers like we do in graphs. Graphology involves analysis of the physical structures and patterns of a person’s handwriting, which depicts their nature that is how they are a person, their daily routines, their past, present and probable future, their state of mind and many more major and minor things...

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Create Yourself – Make a Difference

In this modern world, one doesn’t stand a chance if he doesn’t have the ability to create. Yes, I believe it to be true, and by creating it doesn’t necessarily mean to create something physical like an invention or making some discovery. There are much more things other than materialistic stuff like cars or buildings or even applications in this modern run. People walking in the dusk considering themselves not capable or inefficient to do something or create something in life, walk out right away, get into the light and give away all the darkness, it’s time for you...

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