Author: Nilanjana Ghosh

Is reservation in India really serving its noble cause

Currently, India is suffering from many obstacles that is restraining its growth and development, the reservation system is one of them. The reservation system has its roots in the Indian caste system. In India, the caste system was meant to divide people based on their birth and occupation. According to the Dharma-shastra in Hinduism, the society was divided into four categories. The ‘Brahmins‘ were at the top of the list, they were superior to the rest, they used to teach and preach, then there was the ‘Kshatriyas‘ who were related to kingship and war, then the next is ‘Vaishyas‘...

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Rain – Rain Come Again

Our surroundings affect our moods in many ways, the people, the scenario, the sounds; everything has an impact on our mood and mind. Some of them make us feel good and some of them make us want to tear our head apart. In seasons, the monsoon is most effective in our mood. Yes, the wind has changed the pages in your calendar and the monsoon is here again. There are two types of people, who love the rain; and the other set of people believe in “rain – rain goes away”. For some people, rain is romantic-fantasy while others...

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Lets Fight Against Depression Together

She is getting thinner day by day, she seems crankier day by day, she is becoming quieter day by day- these are the things her parents noticed, but they failed to notice her shattered eyes. All she heard is “you are going to be fine”, “Everything is going to be okay”, and “don’t be a spoiled brat” He is losing focus, he is not hanging out with his friends anymore, his thoughts are choking his throat and want to come out of his eyes, but hush! hush! you are a boy and you are not allowed to cry, society...

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Investment For Beginners

They say, money can’t buy happiness, undoubtedly that is true, but we all need it in our everyday lives. Money is not everything but it certainly dominates an important place in our lives. Earning money is a vital thing but save the extra money and invest that money in the right place is more vital so that it can favour us when we need it. Money earns money, and investments are the way to do so. Many people fear the concept of investment. They don’t know where to invest it and whether it will be beneficial or not. The...

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How to keep your smartphone safe

Head downwards, busy hands, tired eyes, using; smartphone. Nowadays, we don’t crave for smart people, we crave for smartphones. Even the smartphones are participants of rat race now, to prove which is better than the other one. Maybe most of the time we misuse it but we can’t deny it’s usefulness too. We have our important information saved in it. And that’s why it’s important to keep our phone safe and secure. We often suffer from many problems due to smartphones and we don’t know how to handle it. Many of us are new to this complicated smart device...

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