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Artificial Intelligence & It’s Effect On Us: Artificial intelligence or AI is one of the most trending technology in the world. So what is artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals. So we can say it is basically an alternative system that can interact with the human in a humanoid way. Now it is a broad topic to discuss. We are here going to discuss certain aspects of it & its prime uses in our lifestyle. Origin: Basically in 60’s a group of scientists at...

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Are you afraid of failing or do the bad performance in competitive exams? Do you think yourself an average or below average student? Then this article is for you. 1.Importance of Competitive Exams: First of all, why we give so much importance to these competitive exams? Because they help us to reach us in a prestigious position both in educational & professional level. Right? Another cause is these exams are some of the top exams of the country. So people crack them are surely have some talent in them. That’s what society needs. So basically these exams are seen...

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It’s very natural a country like India has its difference in choosing their favourite sports. Though the different culture exists in different parts of the country we all have a common interest towards sports. Probably that causes some of greatest player of different sports field came out of India. But nowadays only motivation & interest is not enough to develop in a sports field. You need proper coaching, backing & most of all right advertisement for yourself. When these factors count it’s unfortunate that many sports couldn’t compete with the so-called famous business class sports like cricket and sometimes football....

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SAD: Social Anxiety Disorder – Real concern of our society

In this digital era, we all have a smartphone now. So, as a result, we become very much concerned about our so-called social life than our real life. You can see in every two or three weeks there is a new trend comes in these social media & we start to follow that blindly. I feel the various medium of social media influences our life greatly. They are so improved that every time you search or post anything they show thousands of result that ends in diverting our mind. Now, what is SAD? Social anxiety disorder (SAD), also known...

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