Author: Debjani Chakraborty

Japan – The country everyone should visit

Japan is a beautiful place, and what is interesting about this place, is that you get to experience unique things, which you never thought of before. From its food to hotels, even stationary, Japan is unique and beautiful. So, if you are planning your next abroad trip, Japan could actually be your choice. When we plan to travel, the first thing that crosses our mind is EXPENSE. Well, worry not, as in Japan, you can actually get amazing services with much little to spend. So, here is a list of things, you can do in Japan. Capsule Hotels Yes,...

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Must Watch Korean Dramas

The Korean Dramas started as a niche favourite among Asian dramas fans, and since then have emerged to lead a major wave in international entertainment, offering diverse and captivating dramas within its genre. Many viewers often start with one particular drama, either by accident or by word of mouth, and become enamoured with the compelling stories, fascinating stars, and high-quality productions. If you are new to K-dramas, or if you’ve been wondering about which one to start with, here is a list Winter Sonata This drama is the reason why K-Drama is famous internationally. It started the Drama Wave...

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Why Be K-Popped

K-POP or Korean POP music has a long history. It is way back in 1885 when Henry Appenzeller started teaching American and British folk songs at a school. Over the time K-POP became popular in Korea and young boys and girls started to dream of becoming idols. At present, K-POP famous worldwide, because of its music, dance, and uniqueness. Now, why should you listen to K-POP? Because it’s different. It has a lot of styles and you can find your own taste. And being in any K-POP fandom would bring such fun in your life, that you haven’t imagined yet....

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My nationalism is as broad as my SWADESHI , I want India’s rise so that the whole world may benefit Gandhi Baba Ramdev is a true Swadeshi when it comes to using and making products. This started in 2006 when Baba Ramdev along with Acharya Balkrishna established the Patanjali Ayurved Limited. The objective was to use the science of Ayurveda in coordination with the latest technology. Patanjali deals in personal food and care. They have a huge range of products starting from skin care to food till sanitation. In the year 2016-17, a total of ₹11,526 crores (approx) revenue...

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Egalitarianism :- A Future we believe in

Have you ever wondered how you would have felt if you were constantly told to “hide” what you are? When you don’t have the opportunity to express yourself, to expose the real you and be proud of who you are. It feels suffocating, right? Then what about those millions of people from the LGBTQ community who are forced to stay in the closet, and if they dare to express themselves, the society is ready to howl at them, judge them, and if necessary shut their voices out. We don’t take a time to realize how much shallow this is,...

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