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Google Tez- Review, Features, Wallet Payment, UPI

Google Tez: Review The demonetization process was so sudden that it left almost the entire nation in shock. However, it also paved way for the dawn of the electronic money era in India, beginning with PayTm being the leading e-wallet. Then came RuPay, PhonePe, and others. While most used them only until the crisis period lasted, most Indians – at least my friends – continue using these e-wallets. Why? E-wallets make life a lot simpler by reducing the need to have a cold cash for transactions. The reason the e-wallets were preferred over e-banking was the ease of access...

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How to find an internship in India

If you are a college student and have some time to spare and want to do productive things in life which will help you in your career what is the best option? Internship An internship is easy to get but hard to find and we will help you get one perfect for you which will help you learn some productive skills and knowledge about the corporate world. When can I start interning? You can start interning right after you graduate from your high school. You can work from home or join a company or SME depending on the employer. Top Websites to find a perfect internship 1.Internshala Internshala is an internship portal which provides a ton of internship options from various backgrounds like Marketing, Finance, HR, IT, Electronics, Mechanical, Research Fellowship etc. Internshala has work from home internships too where you can work as a content writer or a social media marketer or a fine researcher or a salesperson. Internshala is now a leading intern provider for college students and also run training programs which students can enrol you enhance their skills. Internshala is now providing niche internships from institutes like IIT. 2. Twenty19  Twenty19 is also a student portal which provides you with a lot of internship options and also projects which students can apply for. It also provides various type of courses to improve your skills. This website...

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How to research efficiently on Internet

How to research efficiently on the Internet Remember School projects used to be so tedious without the internet access and social media to our rescue. Now the way of seeking information has changed in this data intensive internet world. Encyclopedias and other reference books are now a bookshelf attraction. Visiting libraries for reference is a history due to internet boom. But still, when you search on the internet you don’t get the exact information you were seeking. You tend to visit many different websites and social media pages and end up lost in the pile of irrelevant data. Stressed...

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