Author: Aditya Thakur

The Sinking Sports SHIP…

Our Sports policies are formulated by People who have perhaps never participated even in their School Sports Meet. And, that’s hurting our Sports and Sportsperson the most.
We have to acknowledge that our Fundamental attitude to sports is based on a Cultural mindset. On the other hand, our social prestige and educational priorities are still heavily weighted in favor of Engineers, Doctors, Civil servant and Management types.!

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Cacophony Of 2017 – All chartbusters of 2017

The year 2017 brought forth some amazing rhythms; few of which took the World by Storm. Ed Sheeran, the ‘Weird Guy’ as he was called, left no music chart unconquered! With his song Shape of You becoming the most streamed and loved tracks of all times! Not only this but all the 17 tracks of his recent album ‘Divide’ entered top 20 at once and were much appreciated by his Followers around the Globe!   Fun Fact: Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ had over 1.4 billion streams on Spotify alone! Next comes Kendrick Lamar, the man with supposedly the...

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