Author: Achal Shrivastava


MBA or PGDM is a formal 2 year PG programme in Management/Business Administration; regardless of the specialization, it provides one with conceptual, theoretical and practical training in various aspects of business like economics, operations marketing, basic accounting, corporate finance etc. Also, it offers a specialized focus on subjects like International Business, Agri-Business/Forest, Energy & Infrastructure, and many more, which is called a specialized MBA. These three letters (MBA) have shaped millions of success stories around the globe. The present economic and corporate scene proves that MBA’s are in more demand than others when it comes to corporate jobs. Now...

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Securities – The True Desires

Securities apart from holding technical definitions in the world of finance, in the literal form has a deep meaning attached to it, Google dictionaries explain it as the state of being free from danger or threat, this makes it much more real and relative to the lives of people, and my life as well. It appears to rest in our dreams, it forms the base, the reason for our wants, and it becomes our need to assure the security of self and for the loved ones around, it grows with us, we grow with it, we find ways to...

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