Author: Aarshia Joshi

How To Not Fall In Love

“I can’t quit you. These inexplicable nights with stars shining in the sky have been reminding me of the glint in your eyes when you would laugh, seeing me laugh. Your eyes held the capacity to light up all of my world’s fused bulbs, in an instant, like a wildfire spreading across a dry and dreary forest. First step on how to not fall in love:  Your presence has been haunting me, lately I’ve been feeling like I have been possessed by your spirit that loved me. The spirit that’s no longer in your body- for you have changed so inexplicably, that I have been weeping for the demise of your old self. My condolences don’t seem to reach you, so I’m fine with staying in solitude, crying for my prized loss, while being possessed by your spirit.” -An excerpt from my diary; entry dated 2nd March, 2017. First step on how to not fall in love: Do Not read/write paragraphs or long weepy lines submerged in pity for yourself and dripping with god-like praise for your supposed lovercrush/bestfriend. (The possibilities are endless, but I think I should stop, because you know who the supposed person is, obviously.) Let’s describe my state while I made the above entry for a clearer direction if where this write up is heading. This entry was made on the 2nd of the third month. It...

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Atrocities of Love

On this valentines, I decided to reminisce my first love. However, this happy thought was lost in the alley down memory lane, and instead the bad memories after that lost love stood in front of me, like a killer on the prowl, waiting for its next prey. My days after losing him were turned into a tedious fight, that I was battling with someone that was no longer me- getting hit on all my sore spots, again and again, just awaiting my losing self to thud on the ground, lifelessly. The supposed journalling of my thoughts had now turned...

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Poetical Perceptions

Some like to brag about them, some like to keep it their secret ritual. Books have touched in and every individual’s sphere of life in many various ways. However, it is my job today to make you, fall in love with the kind of books I love and adore. Today, the task of being a literary cupid is assigned to my humble self which I shall thoroughly try to execute. In this world of cruelty, sadness and pain, God gave us a secret blessing-books. These pieces and papers of art are said to be ‘secret’, for some individuals who like...

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