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Fifa World Cup- new goal for Indian sports?

Football is an honest game. It is true to life. It is a game about sharing. Football is a team game. So is life. – Joe Namath   I am a football noob who is trying to fit into conversations at social gatherings. Honestly speaking, I do not know the difference between soccer and football. I cannot connect to the entire Messi vs. Ronaldo debate. Ronaldo is better than Messi or Messi is better than Ronaldo was always the first comment to any post (literally any post) on Facebook. I would often get terrified by the heated and intense...

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Depression is real? You crazy, mental or mad?

65% of India’s millennials display early indicators of depression such as sleep disorders. No! Millennials are not sleep deprived because they binge-watched Game of Thrones all night or were busy clubbing. There is never one concise reason for one to be depressed. It is an amalgamation of an array of experiences and emotions that have consolidated over a time period. The worst part of millennial depression is the stigma around it. Individuals neither choose to be depressed nor do they wish to remain in mental turmoil to garner attention and pity. “My favourite ice-cream flavour is out of stock....

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Veere Di Wedding- feminism, female friendship and fun!

Female friendship is one of the most underrated and glossed over relationships in media and pop culture. There are very few mainstream films and television shows that celebrate female friendship in its truest form. In fact, the word female is redundant as there is no difference between female and male friendship. The graph of every male and female friendship evolves and strengthens over time with a plethora of disagreements, jealousy, greed, selfishness, anger and competitiveness in between. The negative emotions stated above are glorified in the portrayal of female friendship. Films often narrate female friendships by putting them in...

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How to stay positive after exam results

Note: This is not a sugar-coated article that tries to sell the idea that marks don’t matter. Marks and grades do matter but they are not the only factors that matter. The nation has been talking about the CBSE board results over the past couple of days. The results season is a period of stress and anxiety amongst students. Student suicide capital is one of the biggest problems that plagues our country. Students fall prey to an education system that has indoctrinated them to measure their self-worth and future success by their exam results. An education system that taught them to...

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Royal wedding with misogyny? I do!

NOTE: This is not a typical 8th-grade discursive essay aimed to brainstorm whether social media is a bane or boon. Opinions. You have them, I have them and we all have them. In today’s age of social media, it is almost difficult to resist ourselves from voicing them to the world. The internet is flooded with unsolicited advice, misogynistic and racist comments, moral policing and (constructive?) criticism. The fourth quarter of last year and the past couple of months of this year was indeed a celebrity wedding extravaganza, from the wedding of Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Naga Chaitanya Akkineni...

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