“It is our attitude not our aptitude that determines our altitude.” –Zig Ziglar


The above maxim is quite widely known in all professional fields today. We live in a growing corporate world. Getting hired for the job we want can be quite challenging. Companies today not only see your knowledge and skill but also hire you based on various other factors such as your personality, your confidence, the enthusiasm you show towards the job, etc.

In recent times, many people are undergoing interview training after sending out job applications.  Job seekers are constantly struggling with doubts like what to wear, how to behave, how to respond to trick questions. Interviewers look for various character traits in a person when hiring. They can be narrowed down as follows,


  1. Personality: Your personality includes your pattern of thinking, feeling, and certain behaviours that make every person unique. Having a good personality makes you likeable, interesting and pleasant to be around. This is an important trait in a work environment where social interaction and team building play key roles in work efficiency.
  2. Punctuality: Arriving late for an interview can be perceived as rude and unprofessional. Punctuality is an important key to a smooth and efficient interviewing process. Always arrive before time so you can familiarize yourself with the surrounding environment, shake away any drowsiness or casualness. Doing so will also ensure that even under extraordinary circumstances you’re never late for an interview.
  3. Flexibility: Like Einstein said, “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” Most companies are always looking to expand these days. An employee would thus be preferred to be flexible and open-minded to change.
  4. Ambition: Ambition is the rudder to every life’s boat. Without ambition or passion, you cannot hope to fare far professionally. A company would surely see how ambitious you are in your personal life and how you use that to meet company goals.


Follow these and who knows one day sitting in your cabin, you will be thanking me.